Watch Dogs 2

I’m going to play on PC so I have a wait until the 29th. Xbox One and PS4 released on the 15th. There are some bugs and stuff I wanted to start by mentioning.

Some TVs do not display the whole screen and cut off the HUD. I will link to the Known issues thread on the Ubisoft forums.
To condense the issue, it can be resolved if you can set your TV to Pixel mode / 1 to 1 / Disable Overscan. Similar to when I hook my PC up to a Samsung TV and it cuts off some of the desktop, along the bottom. Most games have the ‘Resize display’ option in their settings to handle this (for other TVs that do not handle these display options). Many users are hoping to see this option, especially for TVs without the Pixel mode options.

Multiplayer Co-Op works for 2 people (+1 and you) The drop-in multiplayer versus modes are disabled due to lag and sync issues, like car speed being glitched.
Also, some console installs are not working for single player due to timeout issues with the Ubisoft servers. You can set your console to Offline mode to let you play single player, but as a result, you would not be able to play co-op.

I’m reading around the forum to see any other game issues, but so far those are the big ones. If you want to see other game related info, the Reddit Watch Dogs is active with posts about the 2nd game. Be careful to avoid spoilers if that bugs you, granted those threads seem to be tagged as such.

I ordered the Gold Edition (DLC and Season Pass) with the (Physical real world item) Wrench Jr Robot. The Robot came today, so I will throw 6x AA batteries and play with that tonight. You control it over bluetooth with a mobile phone app, either for Android or iOS.

Promo items
On Twitch Prime, you can get an unlock code for in-game outfits and car skins.  If you have an Amazon Prime account, Twitch Prime is included, you would need to link your Amazon to the Prime account though.

  • To break this down, once you link the Prime services, you should see ‘Prime Loot’ with a Watch Dogs 2 Item.
  • It will give you a code, that you can redeem on the Watch Dogs 2 Ubisoft Twitch promo site.
  • Entering this code from the Twitch Loot page, you will get a UPlay code. This actually unlocks the in-game item.

Kind of silly, but the rundown is you get the 1st code from logging into Twitch with a Prime account, Redeem it, then use this code to get the Promo code from Ubisoft promo page. Use the Ubisoft code to unlock on your Uplay (PC), PSN (PS4) or XBL (Xbox One) code to give you the content on that console.

Source: FTB Threads