VorpX and Non-native VR games

This thread is very preliminary as I only have an hour or 2 of using VorpX.  Starting this off, you can buy this addon software for $40 from VorpX website.  Once you pay, you will run the installer and get a software key.  Send an email by the form that comes up with your name and email address you paid with, and you will get the activation code to use the full software.

VorpX will play games in a living room emulated screen couch enviroment, or by pressing ‘Delete’ in the supported games list, you can play Fallout 4 and other games in a 3D and VR presented environment.  You will need to change your game configuration to have it be a playable experience and the #1 change to make is increasing the FOV (Field of Vision) for any game you are trying to play in stereoscopic 3D via VorpX.  Search for config guides, however setting a FOV to 120 or higher is the most relevant setting you will want to apply.

Playing Fallout 4 in my case was cool, but weird.  Keep in mind you will see a performance hit, considering you are then rendering 2 screens (each eye @ 45 FPS) to your Rift (or HTC Hive).  Playing was intense but the weird part was transparent objects around some objects.  Disabling Ambient Occlusion can help smooth this out, but I have not fully done the re-tweak for the sake of VorpX in 3D.  After playing maybe half an hour, my head felt a little weird.  I am guessing the combination of moving in VR and doing the shooting is a large factor to that, in addition to some dropped frames, as I was playing the game @ 1080P with most all of the graphical ice improvements on.

I dabbled with FFXIV in VR but this defaulted into the couch mode I mentioned.  I have seen other posts mention the locomotion sickness concerns before but I didn’t really experience this until I rolled Fallout 4 in VR.  I’m going to try some more tweaks to see how it goes.  The depth and head tilting is really wild though.  It’s fun to try but I am still tweaking to see if it’s a viable means to play, short of a demo configuration.

Reminder that I am currently playing on an Intel i7-7700k with a Nvidia 980 GTX (4 GB).  If you are rocking a Ti or 1080 Ti you may fair better with all the fancy graphics options turned on.  Crawl the supported games list for items to test.  I’m pretty interested in Alan Wake in VR.  I was playing with an Xbox One controller but the Touch controllers are supported and work as well.  I played Fallouts on a gamepad, so it’s hard to do otherwise, unless I’m sniping.

I am playing with version 17.2.3.  I also see the attached Game Settings Optimizer.  I will play with this and sadly also lower my resolution from 1080p and see how that goes for me.
Alt+f will show your FPS while playing.  If you are seeing below 45 FPS, scale down your graphic options or you will get ill.  This is what I was battling with Fallout 4 running @ 1080P.


So I loaded GTA V up last night… Fallout 4 is cool but GTA is pretty damn amazing. Downside is the framerate on a 980 GTX hits like 25 FPS at recommended settings via the VorpX config tool. I look forward to trying this on a faster graphics card.

Desktop mode is really nice, as I type this post on that now. Text is quite crisp. I also have my Supersampling at 1.5 on the presumption it applies to desktop mode as well.

Fallout 4 is more steady with a 1080 Ti, but for longer play and without drops or rendered flip frames, I would not advise trying to play longer that a concept demo of 10 minutes. YMMV of course but that is my observation compared to native VR content.

For any games you are trying to play in 3D / VR, all your other graphical options will remain the same, so you need to scale back all the candy quality features if you wish to try and land 45+ FPS steady. I have been sticking with native VR content, myself. Frame drop headaches are very real.