Technolust save file

I have been playing VR games and decided to take a plunge into Technolust.  Some of the reviews were hit or miss, but if you actually explore around the game and appreciate all the options and content, you may enjoy it nearly as much as I have and continue to do.  I wanted to start noting how much I enjoy it, as this is why I jumped into repairing a save issue I had.

You can save in the game but I had an issue where each time I loaded the game back up, it looped me to the intro portion, instead of the MURC teleport menu you should see, after having saved your game.  I shared some of this info on the Oculus forums and Steam once I got a fresh file to work with saving.  Quoted below.


Checking my save file, located at:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VIRTUAL REALITY\Technolust 0_9_9_9
I was seeing my save file has a modified date last from Tuesday the 15th, despite my playing later in the week and saving at payphones (and seeing it say saved on the map screen).
In the “save.txt”. Viewing it seems to be largely plain-text. I’ll move it and see if the game making a new copy resolves the save issue.

The contents of my save file look accurate with areas I have been, but I’m confused why it fails to load. It’s almost like there is a borked character in the save file or something. Here is line 01:
ý~Hilltop Score string

Also of note (but not related to the crash) there are some registry values too. These appear to match from my game play.

I moved the flat save file and let the game make a new one.  New file does not have the ý at the start of file.  In-game saving also worked after doing this.  Registry still has my high scores from the arcade.  Game loads to teleport MURC menu instead of intro now.

In this case, I moved a copy of my stuck save file, as it was not working due to that 1st character of ‘ý’ in the save.txt.  Using various text editors showed me varied results in the save.txt.  ConText editor showed me mostly blank space and some of the item strings; Notepad seemed to show everything, but without formatting, and Notepad++ showed me a dump of each parameter and their set flags.
Here are some screen caps from each editor showing the same file, along with the registry keys.

ConText Editor

Notepad (Windows standard text editor)

Notepad++ 02-NotepadPlusSave.png

Registry Keys

Most all of this information is overkill, since I was only a couple of hours in.  To resolve the save issue I copied the broken save file to another folder and deleted it from the save folder.  Once the game made a new file, I was able to save without issue onward.  I had fun checking the save file for stuff I missed but didn’t successfully change any flags for stuff I did not find in-game.  For conversations sake, the registry values match my arcade high scores.  When my new save file was made, simply playing the games I won again, without beating my prior high score, toggled back to my high score, once I interacted with them on the fresh save.
You can migrate your save.txt and registry info to another machine, as I did on my laptop to test that I got all the save data.

If there is any take away from the thread, be sure to check files in multiple editors.  I also messaged the gave dev to say thanks for a rad game.  He noted that encrypting the save file seemed like it would have been contrary to the concept of the game.  Thanks for not doing that, because it was also fun to splunk through the save data and see how it applied to in-game content I encountered.  I’ll recap the start of the thread by saying I really enjoy this game.  Hell it was so good, I was concerned enough to figure out the intro looping issue.  Hopefully you don’t have the same issue, but if you do, it’s relatively easy to fix.