Student Loan consolidations

Here is a thread sharing numbers I encountered calling me about the Sallie Mae / Navient lawsuit by the federal government.  Details on the suit can be found at the link.  The slim of it, is anyone with account from 2000 onward, has essentially been treated to all sorts of fraudulent activity on behalf of Navient / Sallie Mae.  The consumer abuse has been noted as deliberately deceptive to increase their profit margins or for the sake of utter sloth.  For the sake of conversation, I really advise you keep paper statements, as the digital ones only go back so far.

Without further ado, here is the list of numbers I have had dial me up, from various ‘consolidation agencies’.

Luckily for smartphones, you can add people to your block list.  Some of these callers were dialing multiple times a day.  Similar to actual student loan offices, they will keep calling and attach fake timelines to get you to comply or give your information.  Be warned the few I spoke to, never seemed to have any of my account info.  This leads me to believe they call any number that was associated with an active account.
I just got a new phone number this week and didn’t update it many places yet, so I suspect the last person who had this number, also had some student loans.  Lords save you, whomever got my old phone number.

If you are on an Android phone, Go into your Phone application settings and click the 3 vertical dots for Settings.  Under those Call Settings you should see Block numbers, to manually block a number.  For an easier method, I add the caller to my address book, then click the 3 vertical dots to pick the Block contact option from my Recent callers display.
Blocking them will still show the attempted call in your history, but they will get routed to voicemail and your phone will not ring.