Steam Controller

Howdy to anyone interested in the Steam Controller. This device works wirelessly by the dongle and 2x AA batteries in the controller, or by the micro-usb connector.

There is no cable that comes with it, so your phone charge cable, etc should do the trick.
The right pad of the controller is your mouse cursor. I am playing Fallout 4 with this and my biggest initial issue relates to the top trigger placement. I also find myself offset in using the face buttons, as X B A Y are further in than I am used to on my Xbox 360 controller.

Left pad is similar binding to the left analog stick. You will need to press down enough for it to click, to have the left pad detect your movements.
The Right pad will detect your thumb rolling over it, without the need to click. If you keep your contact on the outer-diameter of the right pad, it will continue to pan your view / movement. Swipe speed is also relevant to how fast the right stick pans. I felt comfortable pretty quickly right the right pad, probably as I am a trackball user and have the familiar feel of rolling my thumb for movement.

Like I said, the trigger placement is odd for anyone used to a 360 gamepad. I got better with it, but still feel my adjusting is a work in progress. Awesome buttons? Those would be the bottom click ones. Right-clicking the under button is a jump. Left-clicking is the interact / use button. If we played games online together, you know I am a jumper. Speaking of online play, there is None in Fallout 4.

So far, so good. I am enjoying the right pad most of all. Swipe gun aiming is pretty effective to keep my cursor straight. Fault wise, running and aiming accurately can be tricky, due to the right trigger placement.
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