Projects on the low

Private group for my personal (and yours also welcome) projects and classes being worked on.
For an overshare at presumed Cartel level access, I am forking into DevOps deployment, securing, moderating and the like SysAdmin transition. To automate such tasks gets me info immediately or relatively as swiftly.
Shining up a rounded use of linux in particularly deploying VMs and trending performance monitoring is the backbone to facts one knows… tangibly something you can reference to support your observations and scaling needs in respect to hardware.

I’m taking some E-classes, despite my dislike for doing e-tests. Who knows the analytics they harvest and pawn to, likely anyone who asks.  Qualms aside, even the ‘easy’ classes show good concepts.

Linux Command Line Basics
Getting Started with the Shell

Git and Github

Intro to Operating Systems

Intro to DevOps

I also have Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook (4th edition) and Ansible for DevOps in paper books. Plenty of other Python books and things, however Ruby and YAML seem more dominant in your configuration and deployment processes.
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