Legacy Game Play

In the nature of running DosBox, finding patches for XP games so they run under Windows 7 and higher… anyone who has walked down this path knows it can be a struggle.  Luckily, the gaming community is pretty dedicated to keeping older items playable in newer platforms.

I have a Core 2 Duo machine with Windows 7 Home on it.  I picked up one of those OEM refurbished HP sp7800 small form factor machines for $60 USD.  While the onboard video is lacking, I imagine it will do pretty well for older games.  Having heard someone’s kid be like ‘Hey I wanna play Quake’ outside of the hackerspace, I knew I should get on that task.

I had Windows 10 on here for a little bit, but the Core 2 Duo rig did not fair too well in the performance arena.  Rolling back to Windows 7 (fresh reinstall) should help keep the IOPS down from all the extra services running on Win10.  Of course for the thrill of testing, I will install Red Faction on here to see how it runs.

Worms World Party and other LAN classics should also make the list.  I figure that will be a fun machine to have in the space, especially if people bring guests who aren’t as interested in the technical chat.  It also gives downtime to people who worked a little too long and want to unplug from critical thinking. :) Or more like when playing, higher crits on that thinking.

Forget not, Archive.org in-browser running gamesClassic Arcade also one of many options. Choose your adventure.

Source: FTB Threads