Hmm,.. not enough about Computer Audio in here!~

I’m done with modding computer hardware.  My last build featuring a Intel 2500k chip with 8GB ram (out of a 16GB set ordered, one bad stick), and a couple of Crucial SSD’s, a small one for the OS and Programs on the other, was the first desktop I’d built where I never felt it worth the bother to OC.  I still tweak out my GTX 770 4GB card, but not much.


My dwindling interests in video games were replaced by a return to music appreciation, and I got rid of my old (but newer) stereo and replaced it with a 1979 Yamaha CR-2040 (120w/ch & way underrated at that) hooked up to a pair of Cerwin-Vega dx9’s.  I hooked up the computer to it with a Muse dac that was fed power and signal by a USB coming from the desktop, but it sounded pretty bad.  So I found another dac disguising as a headphone amp (SMSL SD793-II) that could accept the optical out from my Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium HD card, and now I have all the features the card has to offer, and it sounds incredible. 

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