Diablo III Thread

I figured since there a few of us locked into the Diable 3 launch, we should have a thread to discuss the game that will never come :) Errrr I mean the game that will be released 2012

Post-Release update:
Network Download Installer.  You can use this and download, even without a key linked for Diablo 3.
Since the Retail CD is just a 2MB web installer, you might as well start this before getting a key.  7.6 GB download, 15.1 GB extracted and installed.

Handy keys:
Tab: Show all items on ground
Alt + Left Click: Swing weapon manually, even without nearby enemies.  (same goes for Right-Click + Alt)
Tab: Map

TeamSpeak 3 server: fr33ksh0w.sytes.net Port: Default (Use direct IP if cannot connect)
TeamSpeak Server Info thread

Diablo 3 channel near bottom of list.  TS server is huge and had a few guilds in PW channels.  Please be cool and don’t harass people playing other games and in other channels.
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