Bloodstained – Ritual of the Night

I funded into this project last year or so, as I am a Castlevania fan.  This is not a Beta but it is the E3 Xbox demo booth.  I got a Steam code for it and played through the demo to end @ a boss fight that you can complete before the demo ends.

If you get stuck, press the (Back) button to see your map.  In my case, I missed a boost up into another corridor.  Speaking of controls, I had to use my Xbox 360 gamepad, as it did not accept button presses from the Steam Controller.  I mention the Back button to show the map, as there are not many tutorials included, short of movement and attack controls.

You get to see the character, level, and powerup design in this demo, along with a Boss Fight.  I enjoyed myself and finished this in one playthrough.  The full game is estimated to release in March 2017.

I want to mention this is a great kickstarter project, as I got my 39th Project Update on June 6th 2016.  If you want to run a kickstarter and be successful, keep your audience involved like Koji Igarashi and the team have.

Project Details for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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