Batman Arkham Knight

I played the main story in Batman Arkham Knight and wrapped it up with 28 hours of steam play time. I did not see any game-breaking bugs, as there were many stability issues noted in the steam community forums about this game on PC. Allow me to warn you that the main story, will be pretty predictable if you are familiar with the Batman comic universe. As the title tips off, you will encounter a character called the ‘arkham knight’. That should tip many people off alone.

The story telling of the main story was enjoyable, however the missions fell into what I like to call ‘Darksiders 2 syndrome’. That meaning, missions and side quests are done in an overkill manner, imo. Your main experience will mix between combat in the batmobile and on foot. Talking with some friends, they refer to this game as ‘Batman with guns’. Also near the later part of the game, you will see some heavy PhysX effects while going through the city. As I was playing @ 1080P on a 980 GTX, I didn’t see any stutter issues, but did feel the load of the particle effects. It didn’t break the gameplay but felt slower moving around the city.

There is no multi-player, unless you count high score challenge lists. I did not play any of the Downloadable content, and also focused on main story and hardly any of the side-quests. If you played the prior Arkham games, you will be familiar with NPCs you fight and their weapon sets. There are a few variations added, but more a less the same.
Skill points are a thing in this game as you progress and there are options to ‘unlock’ extra combat skills, weapons, vehicle weapons and so on.

Honestly, this game was like playing a movie, with a long in the teeth, story to gameplay. Randomly throwing out time to play ratios, I feel this would have been a better main-story play-through, if the missions were 2/3 of the length. I had a couple of missions that chained into ‘take down a ton of enemies and go to next location’. It wore thin as I progressed and to be honest, I changed the gameplay to Easy, for the sake of not abandoning the play-through. I do not see myself reinstalling this for another play. Just to note, the game install is about 39 GB.
This is not an extensive review, but we live in a tl;dr society and I’m not one to dump a game’s manual and call it a review.

I referenced Darksiders 2 syndrome, but this game was not as overly-long as that one was. Hopefully the industry sees a better practice of content to story, because I feel these more recent games, add too many half-baked mechanics and fetch systems, for the sake of claiming the game is more ‘massive’. Better to tell a great story, than to beat a dead horse.
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