ARK: Survival Evolved

I have tried this a few times and am giving it a go again.  Think of a DayZ type of game, but in the wilderness with dinosaurs instead.

A bunch of old school heads are playing this on The FunHouse.  This link ( steam://connect/ ) will load your steam game, then connect to the server.  (FYI on the steam:// link).  Server Details can be found on this webpage.

To play on this server, you will want the 2 free DLC maps.  You can also buy the DLC content but it is not required.  If you enjoy crafting, survival and exploration, give this game a look.  Be careful when you die, to not make a new character, or you will be starting from level 01.  Otherwise when you die, you will lose your inventory but not you levels.  Either you can try to recover gear from your corpse, or just rebuild that inventory.

I think of it as a 3D DayZ / Minecraft hybrid, but anyone else is welcome to add a better description.  Have fun and happy explorations ;)
Source: FTB Threads