A FFXI Dynamis Video

I saw some folks using FilePlanet for FFxI Videos, so I started the process of uploading my collection of dubbed videos there.  I will update this post as the files finish uploading.

The first Vid I forgot to login, so I tagged it with a comment.  I’ll pop the URL’s below, as I don’t have the Web storage to Perma-host these videos, especially the Dynamis ones. :lol:

MonstersInc – Genbu Fight
Bomb Queen Fight – MonstersInc
Bomb Queen Fight #2- MonstersInc
Shadowlord Fight
Summerfest Fireworks
BCNM 20 ‘Wings of Fury’ Fight w/ my Bst, Crayonshank and Gupideon.
Red Cryptex Garrison
Guardian Statue – RDM AF3 Fight
Dynamis Windurst – 2/2/06 – Wipe Run.
Dynamis Bastok – Clear

I am uploading a Dynamis  Bastok Video.  This one will take some time, as it’s just under 700Mb, without audio.

I linked these flicks on some of the community sites, since I’m not going to kill the site linking them. :)
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