Desktop Window Managers

I enjoy using multiple operating systems. I love Linux for performance but I have to say most of the window managers are nowhere near Windows or OS X in terms of control and keyboard shortcut operations. This is very rant filled of an opinion, as I do quite a bot of text editing work and am a huge user of Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to navigate between multiple open windows. If may seem minor, but when editing multiple bash scripts, having to select your other window with the mouse instead of jumping tabs by keyboard… is clunky.

I guess the burden of choice also leads to an inconsistent UX in Linux distros. I would say we should step back and know that this is a limiting factor to having people fully switch from Windows or Mac OS. That stuff really matters over time on your day-to-day computer usage. Personally, I tend to manage my Linux installs over SSH from a Windows box, or occasionally a Mac as well. Hopefully this comes to become a little cleaner an operation on some Nix ditros, but as I mentioned, it’s difficult to get everyone to agree. One person’s issue is another person’s workflow to it working as intended.

This rant came up encoding videos, where my bash scripts were not simply a Ctrl+Tab, followed by a Ctrl+R to replace strings for the next output. When you are grinding out the repetitious stuff, shortcuts are helpful and can lead to better automation too. Depends on what you are up to, but the emphasis on a clean UX, is what gets people to invest (mentally and emotionally) to your platform.

Yay printed again

I am happy to say I was accepted for a submission I sent into 2600: The Hacker Quarterly that was printed in the current Autumn issue of Thirty-Four, Number Three. Debt Journey is the article name that narrates some of my experiences over the last few years. If you have feedback, either negative or supportive, please send it to for the sake of dialog in the magazine. You can drop me a direct line too if so inclined, but I really enjoy the letters section, to be honest. It lends a little more validity to write a message than bang out some keyboard rage on twitter or wherever like that.

Besides that, go to some local meetups too. I don’t get out to a ton of them (different meetups) but I enjoy 2600 1st Fridays. It’s a nice way to meet locals in the area and despite what you may think, you do not need to be a super computer user to go. Just talk, maybe listen a little bit and you will likely have a fine time. Case in point relating to the printed article, it doesn’t really deal with technology at all. In all actuality, I have learned many great things from people also not in the tech space. It’s cool to hear how people problem-solve and can help you also hone your own observation and resolution skills.

Jolly Friday! 🙂

Culdcept Revolt

So Culdcept Saga was an awesome card game.  Think Magic the Gathering meets Monopoly.  We used to play this really heavily on Xbox 360 and Culdcept Revolt released on 3DS / 2DS on Oct 3rd.  I checked local gamestop stores but they seemed to have gotten a really small stock since no stores have it in the local immediate area.  So I grabbed it off Amazon.

I will add my codes and stuff if anyone else gets this and wants to play.  I saw this game was coming out over the last month or so and got pretty hyped about it.  In respect to series history, it seems to have started out on Dreamcast and first came to the states on Playstation 2.  The edition I became familar with was Culdcept Saga on Xbox 360.

If I had to guess, this will be a limited run game and become pretty rare here in the USA.  The Xbox 360 version came to fetch a good markup too over time, if I recall correctly. Edit: I went to a local center city gamestop and they told me 1 person pre-ordered it an picked it up.  So yes, very limited stock it seems, at least to gamestop stores.  I scooped a copy up from Amazon.

This game is quite good.  Especially if you played Culdcept Saga before.  Deck creation, battles, the map types you know and enjoy.  You get access to online content as you progress in the single player story.  The story content is not some mind blowing tale but it’s a good RPG story of a crew trying to defeat the nasty evil rival.  I’ve beat about 7 of the single player levels and continue to play.  Work your strats to have level chains with your lands, while trying to match creatures to land types.  Your base deck will be limited so work with that, then buy more booster packs in the store with your story credits.

There is also some paid DLC.  1 story quest with 3 battles is $4 USD and everything else is cosmetic content like dice skins, book covers and character outfits.  You can get the cosmetic content for around $30 USD extra but I only purchased the story content and downloaded the 2 free DLC items.  After a few battles you should have access to the normal in-game store and the online DLC store.

Playing this game on a dual-display system is incredibly nice.  Very smooth to view details, while you can also change map detail attributes with the right shoulder buttons.  If you want to see monster HP, Toll fees, etc.

Add me up on 3DS btw.  Nintendo still has the 12 digit friend codes for Switch and 3DS / 2DS.  My 2DS FC is:
If you visit Philadelphia, you might catch my streetpass too.  I’m looking to get out for the Mario Odyssey event here on 10/24 too.