Watch Dogs 2

I’m going to play on PC so I have a wait until the 29th. Xbox One and PS4 released on the 15th. There are some bugs and stuff I wanted to start by mentioning.

Some TVs do not display the whole screen and cut off the HUD. I will link to the Known issues thread on the Ubisoft forums.
To condense the issue, it can be resolved if you can set your TV to Pixel mode / 1 to 1 / Disable Overscan. Similar to when I hook my PC up to a Samsung TV and it cuts off some of the desktop, along the bottom. Most games have the ‘Resize display’ option in their settings to handle this (for other TVs that do not handle these display options). Many users are hoping to see this option, especially for TVs without the Pixel mode options.

Multiplayer Co-Op works for 2 people (+1 and you) The drop-in multiplayer versus modes are disabled due to lag and sync issues, like car speed being glitched.
Also, some console installs are not working for single player due to timeout issues with the Ubisoft servers. You can set your console to Offline mode to let you play single player, but as a result, you would not be able to play co-op.

I’m reading around the forum to see any other game issues, but so far those are the big ones. If you want to see other game related info, the Reddit Watch Dogs is active with posts about the 2nd game. Be careful to avoid spoilers if that bugs you, granted those threads seem to be tagged as such.

I ordered the Gold Edition (DLC and Season Pass) with the (Physical real world item) Wrench Jr Robot. The Robot came today, so I will throw 6x AA batteries and play with that tonight. You control it over bluetooth with a mobile phone app, either for Android or iOS.

Promo items
On Twitch Prime, you can get an unlock code for in-game outfits and car skins.  If you have an Amazon Prime account, Twitch Prime is included, you would need to link your Amazon to the Prime account though.

  • To break this down, once you link the Prime services, you should see ‘Prime Loot’ with a Watch Dogs 2 Item.
  • It will give you a code, that you can redeem on the Watch Dogs 2 Ubisoft Twitch promo site.
  • Entering this code from the Twitch Loot page, you will get a UPlay code. This actually unlocks the in-game item.

Kind of silly, but the rundown is you get the 1st code from logging into Twitch with a Prime account, Redeem it, then use this code to get the Promo code from Ubisoft promo page. Use the Ubisoft code to unlock on your Uplay (PC), PSN (PS4) or XBL (Xbox One) code to give you the content on that console.

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Fidel Castro

I want to keep this short but felt the need to post a thread about Fidel Castro having died on Friday 2016-11-25.  Over the years I learned more about the Cuban Revolution and how Castro promises to have a people-elect government became usurped by him taking power.  The backstory of Che and his role, followed by the end of Che, being abandoned in a cell to die, alluded to, for being against the Castro push to ignore the vote of Cuban people to vote for the next ruler.

As I mentioned here and other places, I always felt the embargo was odd and never made sense.  Particularly for the Bay of Pigs excuse that had long since been proven a farce.  Either way, let me attach a meme to the thread for the sake of political satire.


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PS4 Controller PC Use

I mentioned borrowing a PS4 and thanks to playing Watch Dogs 2, I decided to grab a Dualshock 4 pad for PC use.

You can use an existing Bluetooth Radio but I decided to go with the official adapter.  You will only be able to connect 1 gamepad per bluetooth radio / USB stick.  The Official USB Wireless Adaptor has  a push in Sync to Bluetooth option and this is a nice physical option, versus setting bluetooth to connect / pairing mode, in your OS software settings.

The USB device is listed as CUH-ZWA1U with a part number of: 3001729 (roughly about $25 USD).
The Gamepad goes for about $60 USD and ships with an internal rechargeable battery pack.

This will work on OS X or a Windows machine.  You can confirm the buttons by going into Control Panel | Devices and Printers.  Confirming that your DualShock 4 pad buttons register in the diagnostic tools there.  If you need some help over using Steam to update your dongle driver, check this TechRadar guide for DS4.

Pretty easy and no diabolical 3rd party driver needed, as was the case with Dual Shock 3 controllers being used on PC.

Jumping back to my PS4 use, the headphone port on the gamepad is really nice.  Especially since my TV does not have a headphone out port, I can put some headphones on and plug into the gamepad.  I am still checking if you can control the advanced options like Light Color and Brightness for the gamepad on PC, that you can do on the PS4.

Personal opinion, I prefer the analog sticks being next to one another, instead of the offset Xbox approach.  I was also considering an Xbox One controller, but for that and the accessories (like rechargeable battery and cable) being extra money, I went with a DualShock 4.
Here is the link from the documentation for the adapter, linked to the Sony product page.

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Play a Game? (Game tracker)

Almost October 2012 rename thread. Using this for quick blurbs on currently playing or played games, since threads being made on anything is kinda silly (at least on my end). I will make or edit main game threads on GG or Quit playing for good pit.

This is my personal mockup list of games I have an interest in picking up, or finding information about once they release. Please feel free to add you suggestions and personal Wish List Choices. Posted Image

I made a backloggery account and here is my backlog. I’ll try to keep this Topic reasonably updated, so I know what is still on my Radar to score. Posted Image



PC Games

    [*]Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Q4 2013?
    [*]GTA V – ???
    [*]Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – ??? 2013
    [*]Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land – Unknown
    [*]The Dark Eye: Demonicon
    [*]Shadowgate 25th Anniversary – Please don’t ruin this. – TBA 2012
    [*]Guillermo Del Toro’s InSane – 2013 ??? I think canceled.
    Already Out Considerations
    [*]Borderlands 2 – September 18, 2012



PS3 Games

    [*]Final Fantasy XIV Online (PS3) – With far more caution and observation the PC version gets massive fixes and content.
    [*]GTA V – 2013-09-17 (PC preference for me)
    [*]- Already Out –
    [*]Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Winter 2012
    [*]Uncharted 3 – 2011/11/11


360 Games

    [*]Nothing on current radar.  I left platform.



Downloadable Games

    [*]Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment (XBL / PSN title)
    [*]Nobi Nobi Boy





3DS Games

    [*]Etrian Odyssey IV – 2013/02/26. Demo up on 2013/02/07
    [*]The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past sequel.  Holiday 2013?
    [*]Pokemon X and Y – Oct 2013



DS Games

    [*]- Already Out Considerations
    [*]The Last Window: The Secret of Cape West – Sequel to Hotel Dusk 215.
    [*]Korg KORG DS-10 Plus – Keyboard Synth with DSi features to do 4-track recordings. Posted Image
    [*]Scurge: Hive | This sounds fairly .hack-ish, I love new-age dungeon crawlers. Posted Image



Wii Games

Peep this NeoGAF DS Game recommendation thread. Lots of info for your hunting. :yar:

Also, here are links to the IGN Game Release Trackers:
Xbox 360

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Hardware reviews

I had a forum for this but I think I rolled it into one of the Security forums.

I’ll whip a new one up soon and put some threads in there.  In the mean time, can anyone tell me a viable difference between an Xbox 360 Controller on PC and the Xbox One gamepad?  They look functionally identical.  I was wondering if any XBros or XSis’ have personal experience between the two.

I see for wireless and a current model of the controller, it’s like $80 USD.  My 360 pads still work fine, I have wireless via the 360 dongle for PC, and actually still have a working rechargeable battery pack.  This rant is more a random inquiry than anything :ninjawub:

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A FFXI Dynamis Video

I saw some folks using FilePlanet for FFxI Videos, so I started the process of uploading my collection of dubbed videos there.  I will update this post as the files finish uploading.

The first Vid I forgot to login, so I tagged it with a comment.  I’ll pop the URL’s below, as I don’t have the Web storage to Perma-host these videos, especially the Dynamis ones. :lol:

MonstersInc – Genbu Fight
Bomb Queen Fight – MonstersInc
Bomb Queen Fight #2- MonstersInc
Shadowlord Fight
Summerfest Fireworks
BCNM 20 ‘Wings of Fury’ Fight w/ my Bst, Crayonshank and Gupideon.
Red Cryptex Garrison
Guardian Statue – RDM AF3 Fight
Dynamis Windurst – 2/2/06 – Wipe Run.
Dynamis Bastok – Clear

I am uploading a Dynamis  Bastok Video.  This one will take some time, as it’s just under 700Mb, without audio.

I linked these flicks on some of the community sites, since I’m not going to kill the site linking them. :)
Topic @bluegartrls
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Steam Controller

Howdy to anyone interested in the Steam Controller. This device works wirelessly by the dongle and 2x AA batteries in the controller, or by the micro-usb connector.

There is no cable that comes with it, so your phone charge cable, etc should do the trick.
The right pad of the controller is your mouse cursor. I am playing Fallout 4 with this and my biggest initial issue relates to the top trigger placement. I also find myself offset in using the face buttons, as X B A Y are further in than I am used to on my Xbox 360 controller.

Left pad is similar binding to the left analog stick. You will need to press down enough for it to click, to have the left pad detect your movements.
The Right pad will detect your thumb rolling over it, without the need to click. If you keep your contact on the outer-diameter of the right pad, it will continue to pan your view / movement. Swipe speed is also relevant to how fast the right stick pans. I felt comfortable pretty quickly right the right pad, probably as I am a trackball user and have the familiar feel of rolling my thumb for movement.

Like I said, the trigger placement is odd for anyone used to a 360 gamepad. I got better with it, but still feel my adjusting is a work in progress. Awesome buttons? Those would be the bottom click ones. Right-clicking the under button is a jump. Left-clicking is the interact / use button. If we played games online together, you know I am a jumper. Speaking of online play, there is None in Fallout 4.

So far, so good. I am enjoying the right pad most of all. Swipe gun aiming is pretty effective to keep my cursor straight. Fault wise, running and aiming accurately can be tricky, due to the right trigger placement.
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KB3201860 Adobe Flash?

So I did not install Adobe Flash, it is not in my add remove programs, nor is it any active plugin for my installed web browsers.

On this machine, I have Windows 8.1, the Flash options in control panel, but no Add/Remove for flash. I was legit baffled seeing this update pop up, as I didn’t install the software, because I feel it is more harm than good, as a security exploit vector.

KB3201860 details @ Microsoft. I am still digging around but I am really concerned how something I didn’t install is on here. I guess it will be an interesting weekend, finding this and gutting it out of this system. I also see no Adobe windows services installed.

I have heard and seen Google Chrome has it’s own version of Flash. But it adds extra concern it’s escaping the Chrome ‘sandbox’ because if you can make a call to it, it can be exploited. IMO and all of that.

Oh wow, the plot thickens. Thanks to adobe’s link, it is rolled in with Windows 8.
Checking with this Installed Flash web tool, Chrome of course has Flash baked in, as it’s baked into Chrome. My installed Mozilla based browsers fail the test (yay). IE 11 on Windows 8.1 also has it’s baked in Flash. It looks like that is what this update is for. Now of course, is the quest to eviscerate it from being able to execute or be invoked.

… So then I checked again and saw Shockwave Flash Object in Internet Explorer Add-onsand was able to disable the plugin, then the ‘Is this installed’ check failed.
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